Mohamed Abdellatif

Research Software Engineer

I graduated with PhD in Computer Science (Document Understanding) from Rutgers University back in 2021 where I worked with English, multi-lingual and multi-modal documents. To build Computer Systems that help humans at understanding documents, I focus on establishing the pipelines infrastructure, streamlining the data at appropriate pace and update the results in a format and frequency that best serve a predefined set of use-cases designed to answer (may-be interdisciplinary) Research Question(s).

As a Research Software Engineer for Princeton Geniza Project, I work on interesting Engineering problems in Documents Understanding (Computer Vision (CV), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), and Information Retrieval (IR)) that are inter-connected.

I have both Industry (Corporate and Startup) and Academic (Research and Teaching) experiences. Prior to Princeton, I was a Vice President Infrastructure Developer at JP Morgan Chase & Co.