Zohar Berman

Assistant Project Manager, Princeton Geniza Project & Handwritten Text Recognition

Zohar Berman is a Yiddishist, social movement studies scholar, and student of anti-colonial pedagogy. They hold a Bachelors of Arts in both Politics and Middle Eastern Studies from Mount Holyoke College. Their academic background focuses on linguistic framing in social movements and includes intensive study in Arabic and Yiddish. Their undergraduate thesis, "In Conversation with the Devil: Linguistic Themes of Shiʿi Mobilization in the 2011 Bahrain Uprising," examined nonviolence, anti-sectarianism, and anti-neoliberal framings within the resistance movement of Bahrain during the 2010s uprisings in the SWANA region. In their free time they enjoy building support for Diasporism, supporting reproductive justice efforts, and envisioning a future of indisposability.