The Corpus

There are roughly 30,000 entries in the PGP, about 4,600 of which are associated with digitized transcriptions. 

Although the PGP is dedicated to documentary texts from the Ben Ezra Geniza, we interpret our mandate broadly, and have also included some texts from other sources in Egypt and from Afghanistan. 

The database is rich in documents from the period between 950 and 1250. As of 2020, there are an increasing number of texts that date after 1500.

Transcriptions come from three sources:

  • Goitein’s unpublished transcriptions (labeled “Goitein, typed texts”);
  • transcriptions Geniza scholars have published in article or book form (labeled with bibliographic reference) — we have checked these against the manuscript image where possible and incorporated corrections;
  • new transcriptions by scholars and doctoral students affiliated with the Geniza Lab.

You'll find a more detailed history of the PGP's remit in the History of the Princeton Geniza Lab