Scribes of the Cairo Geniza

In 2017, we helped launch a project called Scribes of the Cairo Geniza, which enables anyone to help sort and transcribe geniza fragments. There is no semitic language training required, beyond what the site will offer you on the fly. 

Scribes is part of the Zooniverse, which supports online people-powered research (sometimes called crowdsourcing) across the sciences and humanities. Our team for the project includes colleagues from Penn Libraries and the University of Haifa, with images supplied by the libraries of the universities of Cambridge, Manchester, Oxford, Pennsylvania and the Jewish Theological Seminary. 

To become a scribe of the Cairo Geniza, click here and start sorting and transcribing. Don't forget to visit the Talk boards. We love hearing from volunteers.

To read more, visit the Scribes project resource page maintained by Judaica DH at the Penn Libraries.


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